NSA surveillance is logical; Snowden is fake. Gathering even more larger data.

Our health is so important to us that, we do not reserve anything to privacy-even in our unconscious state (emergency).

How much privacy, how much data-info should our doctors have regarding our body? Our doctors HAVE access to any data-info the needed about us private or public to save our life. Right?

how much data/info should our security people have about our streets, our neighborhoods, our cities? How much data/info should our guards have about our premises?

In this world where "data criminals" are everywhere, hacking everything hackable to obtain data/information about us with the intent to hurt us or break established laws guarding the people.

There is a very urgent need for us to have "data police" (and that's what NSA has done and should be praised not criticized). How much of data should our "data police"-security personnel have about us?

The how much, is left for the skeptics/critics  to Answer
As far as I am concerned in my own little knowledge, the surveillance is illegal only when those data are used to "hurt" us or break established laws of the state.

My only concern is "How trustworthy are NSA to be entrusted with these data? Not just that of the American people but of other nationalities? How trust worth are they?

As for issues of sovereignty; that is settled already by the fact that its called 'Secret,Spy,espionage' or whatever you call it.

Until Snowden did what he did, these data are been collected and we are not hurt. We have been going about our normal daily activities and nothing changed. Hun?

by the way, I see the whole NSA surveillance  scandal as a sting/covert operation by the NSA-CIA probably to gather even more larger data about how different countries will react in a possible "Data-war" situations. Or even maybe they want to know their strongest allies also. Edward Snowden is only acting a script.

(Mind you these are strictly my own opinion and personal views.)

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