Practical steps to achieve Vision 2020 faster

This is an article i wrote long time ago(which was published in certain newspaper and online websites) I am Re-publishing it here due to my laziness and lack of time.
Innovative Solutions to Nigeria ’s Tarnishing Image and the road map to Vision 2020.
“Practical steps to achieve Vision 2020 faster and easily by enhancing the power of the internet”
“It is no more a news that Nigeria government is dreaming that by 2020 Nigeria will be one of the 20 largest economies in the world, able to consolidate its leadership role in Africa and establish itself as a significant player in the global economic and political arena.”
The Nigeria ’s economic potential is well recognized. It is the biggest economy in the West African sub region. Given the country’s considerable resource endowment and coastal location there is potential for strong growth. Yet Nigeria has realized very little of this potential. Previous efforts at planning and visioning were not sustained. The history of economic stagnation, declining welfare and social instability, has undermined development for most of the past 30 years.
But in recent years, Nigeria has been experiencing a growth turnaround and conditions seem right for launching onto a path of sustained and rapid growth, justifying its ranking amongst the N11 countries. These are the countries identified by Goldman Sachs to have the potential for attaining global competitiveness based on their economic and demographic settings and the foundation for reforms already laid.
The previous administration had declared the intention to pursue the vision of placing Nigeria among the 20 largest economies in the world by 2020 and the current administration is committed to the attainment of this vision.
The Business Support Group is an initiative of the Secretariat of the National Steering Committee of Vision 2020, which is intended to engender Private Sector support for the NV2020 process. The Business Support Group is headed by Alhaji (Dr) Umaru Mutallab.
The key functions of the Business Support Group are to;
• Generate Publicity, public opinion and national buy-in.
• Mobilize Resources from the Private Sector
• Organize fund raising activities to support NV2020;
• Provide Technical and Financial support
The above article is the real vision that is set to place Nigeria as a great country among other great nations of the world. But the bad Image of the country been portrayed in other great nations is in no way going to help this vision. In view of this I try to put up this practical step to helping realizing this great vision of our great country-Nigeria.
To achieve this vision Nigerian Government needs Correct the bad image been portrayed, make her country a save-heaven for investors, Encourage Businesses operating in the country and as well attract foreign investor. So, the Government Through its ministry and parastatals should make sure that adequate policies, rules and regulations are put in place and also make sure that such are strictly implemented as this is the backbone of development. Such Policies, regulations and rules should be imposed on Individuals, Businesses and NGO’s especially those carrying out activities on the internet. Because the rate of Internet fraud emanating from Nigeria is very alarming and this will continually foil every positive steps taking by the government in achieving the NV2020. So, Strict Rule, Policies and regulations (by CBN, NCC, EFCC,, ICPC, NPF, NIG, AIMN, etc) should be imposed on Individuals, Businesses and NGOs transacting businesses activities on the internet from Nigeria .
Such will be a welcome development and will bring many benefits to Nigeria and indeed Nigerians. Such benefits as:
* Reductions in internet fraud from emanating from Nigeria, this will give her good image which it can leverage among the committee of nations to attractant the much needed FDI.
* Revenues will be generated from every legal business transacted on the internet from Nigeria .
* It will attract foreign investors, to the Country.
* Many doors of great business opportunities will be opened to Nigerians.
* It will foster good international relation between Nigeria and other Nations.
* It will as well, Reduce unemployment rate in the country.
* Commercial Activities in the country will receive a major boost.
* These will bring rapid growth in the nations Economy, educational sector.
* And finally, all these syncing together will Help Nigeria achieve her Vision 2020.
The so-called Yahoo-Yahoo boys have very brilliant brains, that if Nigerian Government can make it a priority to channel her policies towards developing the youths to make innovative use of ICT to bring development to the country.
All Nigerians, wherever they are, should place not just their hand on the desk but their heart, Mind, Love, strength and idea to make this great NV2020 a reality. So, join the call to tell the whole world that Nigeria is a safe secure paradise for investors with genuine Interests and businesses for the people of Nigeria (The most populous and greatest black nation in the whole world)

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