This article by Chunka Mui of Forbes caught my attention and I thought it will be beneficial to share it with you.......Happy reading.

Google’s Trillion-Dollar Driverless Car — Part 3: Sooner Than You Think

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In 2008, a state-of-the-art driverless car could go two blocks on its own on a closed course at 25mph. By 2012, the driverless car could operate in real-world conditions at 75mph.
Such rapid progress offers great hope that the tremendous benefits in safety and savings I laid out in Part 1 of this series are attainable. The pace of progress also means that the disruptive ripple effects discussed in Part 2 might soon have strategic relevance for companies participating in the multi-trillion-dollar part of the economy that relates to cars. But we’re left with two crucial questions: How soon could the driverless car become a reality? When should incumbents, venture capitals and entrepreneurs start paying serious attention?
The short answer to both questions is: sooner than most think. This article explains why.
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Another article that caught my attention again is this one by TJ McCue of Forbes.

Google Glass Project

Despite news that show Google's Project Glass project is still in flux, one investor and researcher is making his own. Rod Furlan reports at the IEEE Spectrum site how he decided to make his own Google Glass prototype. Project Glass Update with Babak Parviz Furlan's post follows on the heels of an [...] read »

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