Jp Udoba's New Year Letter

2011 has ended. Moreover, another Journey of 365 days has begun again.
Sincerely, I appreciate and thank you for all your great spiritual, emotional and financial supports/ in the past year. May the almighty God richly bless you will never lose your reward for he that waters must surely be watered also.
I know that you probably set Goals to be achieved in 2011, just as most people do. I join you to celebrate those Goals that you have achieved. In addition as for those goals that you have failed to achieve; know that you are not alone I set ten (10) goals for myself in 2011 but and accomplished only  three of them. The fact that one failed does not make a person a failure rather he becomes a failure when he can not get up and keep trying, moreover failure is the prove that you have done something but could not get your ultimate expectations. Failure is the only opportunity to begin more intelligently.
This year 2012 is your year of exploits. Just renew and re-fire. Formulate the visions, the dreams and set realistic goals; live and act on your goals always with great faith. Make the most and best use of all the following that are made available to every human being in this world freely. If you can only make the most and best use of them you do great exploits in your career, ministry, family, relationships etc.
All the 12 months
All the 52 weeks
All the 365 days
All the 8760 hours
All the 525699 minutes
In 2012 they are all you get; make the most and best use of them and they will determine the impact you will make in your life: career, ministry, academics, family and relationships.
Make the most and best use of your time, your mental abilities (your thoughts, your mind, your spirit and spiritual gifts) your strength, and might and every other opportunity that will come your way all your days in 2012. Just save and invest them wisely Then apply Divine wisdom, attitude and principles while remaining faith-full to God almighty and walk in his ways and nothing, no any force in this world And beyond it can stop you from achieving or getting whatever you desire and be whoever and wherever you desire in 2012.
 As you march forward into your year of exploits (2012) here are few great advices to keep in your mind.
  • Whatever you do today, do it better tomorrow.
  • The whole world will stand tall for you, only if you can do the so-called common things in an uncommon ways.
  • No it that desire, determination and self-discipline are the first laws of success.
  • Keep your Imagination, Thoughts, words and your heart moving towards your goals and do not worry about your body and the rest.
  • I am very sure and convinced that by the end of 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, you will be and have exactly those things that you had and was in 2011. Except for two things: the type and number of people you associate with and the type and number of skills and knowledge you acquire.
Kachi Jp Udoba
Start-up Entrepreneur consultant &
Conference speaker.
Tel: 08039675567

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